David Remedios, along with his wife Yvonne, has been the Senior Pastors of Trinity Christian Center since May of 2002. Pastor David is a bi-vocational pastor, general surgeon, and a decorated veteran. He is the CEO of the Louisiana Outpouring and Christ Compassion Ministries. His greatest desire is to see the presence of God poured out on this generation, impacting our community, region, and the nations of the world.


Nathan Morris gave his life to Jesus Christ in 2002 when he had a life-changing encounter with God. In 2006, he launched Shake The Nations Ministries and began to travel to the nations. Today, Evangelist Nathan travels around the world with a burning passion to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all nations.

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Claudio Freidzon is pastor of the church Rey de Reyes, a congregation of more than 20,000 members in Belgrano, Buenos Aires. Since the Lord changed his life he has experienced great crusades in many countries throughout America, Europe and Africa. His ministry of worship and power has reached the world through his books and videos.